Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My dream…

… mode of transportation.

That zippy Vespa has been on my mind. Once upon a time, in San Francisco, I really wanted a Vespa. I thought nothing would be cooler than cruising up the hills of North Beach and cutting through the fog in Golden Gate Park than a Beat chick on Italian wheels.

I still love scooters but no longer have the fantasy. And as much as I love vintage autos, the thought of owning a car again does not appeal (unless it was this collection - then I think I could deal). I think my dream mode of transportation would be:

a) A driver-on-call for getting around town at night, when I’m running late for work, and to and from the airport

b) Money to fly first or business class between New York and Paris (and beyond, bien sur)

c) A tricked out bicycle, complete with bell, helmet, safety laws and other bicyclists in the city who would make riding more the norm

Et toi?


  1. Two cars - one big truck for the harp and one sporty little car to zip around in for everything else.

    Because driving an SUV is a big job.

  2. Looks like we have exactly the same dreams :)

  3. My dream is to never drive a car again. I wouldn't mind getting back to the three-bike-nirvana I enjoyed back in Seattle (top-of-the-line mountain bike, a cool old Bianchi racing bike, and a rad city bike). I'm really happy with my current mountain bike and Valenbisi (Valencia's bike share program which is the same as the one in Paris). I haven't driven in five years which means that I haven't had car trouble in five years. You definitely can't put a price tag on that.

  4. Yay for mentioning the helmet. I don't care what those Frenchies think, please wear one!

  5. Hm, I always have to balance fun with practical, but I cannot remember having more fun than when I drove the Alfa Romeo in Rome and was SO much better than American cars! Of course I love to drive....

  6. Living here at the bottom of the world, I no longer want to drive .. unless it were a tank..that might be safe enough.
    But I do wish I had a driver on standby .. there are times that I just don't love standing on the curb and waiting for an empty taxi to come along, with a/c and hopefully clean and not evil smelling.

  7. Please forgive my odd spelling .. unless it were a tank? were ?
    I don't speak Spanish well but I am afraid I am forgetting how to speak English lol
    God knows what I will end up speaking ... French pops up sometimes when I can't think of the word in Spanish .. my husband is sure whatever happens, I won't ever be wordless :D