Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A must read

The rest as they say,
is history. Crepes is coming with me to Hollywood.
She will compose
the music for my movie.
Our last day in Paris
we led the Dog Day Parade.
I read the poem I had written for this occasion:
In chic Paree
the chicest day
is when the dogs stroll down
the Champes Elysées.
Great danes romancing,
pink poodles prancing.
It’s swank
it’s grand
it’s pooch couture.
They saunter with style
about half a mile and end up at Maxims,
that most marvelous spot
for champagne and caviar
and a little whatnot.
A toast to life
A toast to love
Salut! Olé!
We’re off to L.A.!

My friend Sarah sent me the cutest card with this poem. Smitten as I was, I had to find out just who was Crepes, who was talking about Crepes, and who was prancing around Paree and going to Maxims! Turns out, it's Max. Max Stravinsky, the canine hero of Maira Kalman's adorable picture book, Ooh-La-La Max In Love (I like the title of my book, but dang, that's a good one!).

Has anyone read this? I think it's a must for all of our bookshelves...


  1. I've never heard of it, never read it ... but I'm going to have to get it. For my dog, Ella. Who is hoping to go with me to Paree...

  2. I've never read this one, but I love Maira Kalman!

  3. Well, you know I am going to find it and read it now !

  4. It didn't know it existed, but I'll now hunt for it. Thank you.

  5. Dang! That's a great cover and title. I'm going to add it to my ever-growing 'I love Paris' book collection.

  6. Very cute! Will look for this book. (Great mystery solved!)

  7. I've loved Maira Kalman and this book in particular for years. Used to read it to my nephew and taught him to speak French the way Max learns it: hold your nose while stamping your foot and saying "non, non, non!"

    (If only speaking French were that easy!)