Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sweet Freaks of the world, unite!

Paris, My Sweet was resuscitated last night. A year and a half after publication (remember that??), I had a joint reading with the fabulous Hilary Reyl and wonderful Ann Mah. But the best part of the night (aside from when the founder of the Writers Room recounted the time Julia Child cooked dinner for her) was meeting Kerrin Rousset (below, next to me and behind Ann) and Susan Hochbaum.
Kerrin is my international counterpart/hero with an enviable career in Zurich, giving chocolate tours, organizing Le Salon du Chocolat, writing about food and travel. The life. 

And you can't help but love Susan, if not for her lovely demeanor then for her keen eye and sly sense of humor. You do know her most amazing book, non? After gabbing and note-comparing, I'm excited to fire up my sweet sleuthing again. I've been much too delinquent.

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