Monday, November 4, 2013

My Vegan Monday

Black coffee
Oatmeal with flax seeds and honey

Large green salad with grilled tofu
Dark chocolate 
A handful of peanut m&ms
Cranberry juice
Ginger tea

Hummus toast
Glass of Malbec

Ahhh... getting settled in the new place. Little rituals like Vegan Monday help make the chaos more normal. What have you been eating lately??


  1. I have increased my vegetable intake and eat fruit instead of sweets. I have one fasting day in a week and one vegan day. And one day, where I eat everything. But I find that after your body has been accustomed to mainly foods that are considered healthy, it doesn't crave 'bad' foods anymore. Happy settling in Amy! Nina

  2. I have to remember to eat lately and it has to be light and easy to swallow.
    So couscous and soup have been my main meals. sometimes a chocolate muffin does find its way into the kitchen, but not for long.
    I am adjusting to cooking for one :(