Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Waking up 41

Life has been pretty singularly focused these past two weeks. The new apartment.
A new neighborhood.

A new place to put my books.

It’s also been a time to reflect. How could it not be? Passages. They’re so bittersweet. I have so much to look forward to, and have said goodbye to so many other things, people and places.

In between getting settled in Brooklyn, I turned 41. I had a family reunion. I read a book about a wedding and saw a movie about life and love. I had this Colson Whitehead article bookmarked for some time and just got around to reading it, which seemed so appropriate.

I guess it’s all to say that life is so magnificent. So beautiful and so full of pain. So many little things and reasons to be filled with gratitude and love.


  1. happy belated! Nice to see all the Paris books in your collection :)

  2. You're about to enter your best decade ever :) Happy belated!!

  3. Life is full of pain and beautiful and magnificent and all there for you to grab and enjoy. Happy Birthday. Milo looks pretty happy too :)

  4. Thank you for your thoughts, mes amis. Sending good wishes back to you... especially you, dear Candice. xo

  5. Happy 41st, Amy! It'll be my turn in a few weeks:)

    Your place looks amazing, not to mention your neighbourhood! Such colours!:)))

  6. I love your living room! And what a good idea to have bookshelves only half way up the wall- it allows for art above and the books don't take over. I see many happy hours and years in there..

  7. Very beautiful new apartment!
    I just saw that you have your book in Polish! So nice :) (Probably i shouldn't be surprised but I am a little bit). I was just wondering if there is version in Italian? I was looking for it but no luck... I wanted to buy it for my Italian friend as she loves macaroons and your book is soooo sweet and I enjoyed it a lot!
    But if not I will buy English version :)