Sunday, September 15, 2013

Colón et Garnier

With the publication of my latest travel article for The New York Times, 36 Hours in Buenos Aires, six months after being in that fabulous city, I wanted to share some photos of Teatro Colón, their grand opera house, that I never posted.

Magnificent, no? While the exterior is not nearly as grand at L'Opera Garnier, it still brought back some wonderful memories.
Memories of art, magic, history and awe. Awe at the beauty and romance of it all.

Almost everywhere you go in this world, there's a beautiful reason to think of Paris.


  1. I just today read the Times article and enjoyed it so much then saw the authors name. At first it did not compute .. AMY !!! lol.... it was perfect, dearling, just perfecto.
    muchas gracias por todo .. C

  2. Gracias, Candice! Of course, I thought of you. :)