Thursday, September 5, 2013

La Rentrée

Paris is no doubt buzzing with more Vespas this week, and clacking with more chic mommies as la rentrée is underway. Back to school, a fresh new start—even though I prefer summer, early fall in Paris makes a good run for the best time of the year. Everyone is energized, fresh, bright, bordering on outright optimism.

While I was putting my rentrée chapeau on, thinking of what I want to focus on this season, I realized I was trying to tackle some pretty monumental stuff—namely, polish off a new book proposal, finish my new apartment renovations (never mind that they haven’t even started), and go on a big, fat trip to someplace new and exotic.

While I still have my fingers crossed for all three of those things, I thought it realistic to focus on more modest rentrée aspirations. Like back to school shopping. Here’s what’s on my list:

Some of those baggy sweat-style pants
A perfectly fit black blazer
A grey shoulder bag (Saint Laurent would do just fine)
Fitted leather pants
Black biker boots
Cowboy booties, grey or maroon
A fabulously soft and feminine blouse
A new shade of lipstick

In other words, I think I need to get to Paris to do some shopping!


  1. Indeed!:) When are you going back to Paris, my Dear?:)

  2. I worry about getting baggy sweat pants, it is too relaxing lol
    The blazer and bag and biker boots ... as soon as possible !!
    The blouse and lipstick, right away.
    This is my comment on your list.
    Now I will just say that I think you need to visit the Paris of South America.
    It is early Spring there now, go in November .. warm sunny days, cool sexy nights.
    or take me with you when you go back to Paris.
    besitos. C ... way up here in the woods.

  3. Hi Amy, that sounds great! i've planned a trip to France next week, travelling of the Dover Calais route. Is there anything special I shouldn't be missing in France?? especially Paris?? Please do let me know, thanks!!

  4. Mes amis! Sorry for the belated response. Sadly, I was not out shopping, nor in Paris. And I don't know when I will get back to the City of Light. But I'm itching. And my wardrobe could sure use the refresh. Any trips for you??