Monday, September 30, 2013

My Vegan Monday

Green tea

Super Foods smoothie
Almond butter and pear sandwich
A most deliciously crisp Honeycrisp apple
Handful of peanut butter m&ms—which are a nice alternative to peanut m&ms, but don't hold a candle to pretzel m&ms

Carrots and hummus
Dried pineapple

As I bounce between pious and pathetic, uber healthy and sugar overloading, I've been enjoying some great "foodoirs." In addition to Ann's The Art of French Eating, I've also indulged in Eddie Huang's Fresh of the Boat and am currently loving Marcus Samuelsson's Yes, Chef. Amazing stories, delicious details.


  1. Do chocolate chips count as vegan ?
    It seems my day was mostly chocolate chips.
    But I did eat a banana tonight with peanut butter ..
    You are never pathetic. And I see nothing against sugar overloading :)

  2. Is that all you ate? Just carrots & pineapple for dinner? You are just making me feel conscious of how much I eat. If you've ever seen a complete Indian meal, we'd consume more than what you've listed through the day in just one meal!

  3. Very nice ..This is a low calorie, healthy diet plan. Thank you for sharing...