Monday, April 29, 2013

My Vegan Mondays

I've been reading so many great food articles and books lately, feeling so excited about the momentum of the food movement and all the stellar minds that guide our stomachs. 

There was a must-read article in New York magazine last week—Adam Platt in conversation with the so impressively cool and modest Michael Pollan (can't wait to read his new book, Cooked).

The article made many similar points that are in Peter Kaminsky's Culinary Intelligence, another must-read for anyone who loves and values food, not only where it comes from but how to make it a satisfying yet sustainable habit forever after. The title may be didactic, but Kaminsky is a great story-teller and it's super enjoyable.

My friend Ann Mah wrote about DC's healthy fast food scene for the New York Times, a theme to which the Times also devoted its magazine's cover story a few weeks back. That piece was written by Mark Bittman, who just announced he's starting a new column called The Flexitarian, named for his philosophy of being a mindful, moderate eater of all things. I was floored to hear that he eats vegan for the first two meals of the day, and then eats whatever—within reason, of course, being a flexitarian himself—for dinner. And excited to know he has a book coming out devoted to this eating pattern/philosophy, titled VB6 (Vegan Before 6).
And there's a quick and fun read about home cooks by Gabrielle Hamilton in this month's Bon Appetit, which she wrote in preparation for her new cookbook (woot woot!)

Coffee with soy milk
Cheerios and granola with almond milk

Salad with avocado, white beans, roasted tomato and pumpkin seeds (thank you, Amy's Bread)
A big, juicy mutsu apple

Lentil soup 

Is anyone else feeling as obsessed about food as I am??

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  1. Thanks for all these lovely links -- I loved that Gabriella Hamilton southern home cooking article! And thank you for mentioning my piece, too -- the next time you're in DC, let's make a date for chocolate egg creams :)