Saturday, April 20, 2013

I fell in love with these ladies

I'm reading the amazing Culinary Intelligence by Peter Kaminsky and, as I often do when I'm loving a book, and eked out a mini lunch break to read. At one moment, I looked up and saw these two ladies. I was smitten. 
A couple nights later, I fell for two gents: Will Guidara and Daniel Humm. They were interviewed by Melissa Clark at the 92Y, and they are beyond gracious, charming and talented. So much so, that I ponyed up the $50 for their new cookbook, I Heart NY.
There were other loves this week: Gooey on the Inside's red velvet cookie, for example. Ridiculously sweet and indulgent, I can't wait to tear into the other flavors.

Wherever you are, I hope your weekend is filled with delicious activities.


  1. My evening sweets were a handful of M&M peanuts after having hot chicken noodle soup from the supermarket and a grilled cheese/dijon sandwich .
    We have been house hunting all day and that was all the cook was capable of . It was pretty good !
    I have to try Red Velvet cake or cookies.. it looks so tasty !
    bises .. C

  2. I LOVE encounters like those, especially the ladies you mention. I met an 80-something year old Frenchman at Télescope the other day who held forth about the importance of laughter within seconds of saying hello. I couldn't help but feel charmed. Only thing that would have made it better is sharing a cookie with you!

  3. Candice, how is your hunt going? And are you loving the food back in the states??

    Lindsey, would love to partage une cookie avec toi aussi!

    Bis to you both. xo