Sunday, April 14, 2013

Back to basics

Where would we be without the weekends? They're so essential and restorative.

This past weekend, I celebrated a friend's birthday, went to the movies (The Company You Keep - a solid B), tried a new yoga class and enjoyed the spring weather. More important, I let my schedule slide and indulged in just going with the day. It took me to beautiful places.

Saturday morning, I had what my old French tutor, Josephine, would have called "un gros matin." I booted Milo from the bedroom at 6:30 so I could sleep in, which I did to the (relatively) luxurious hour of 8 a.m. I then finished Hilary Reyl's Lessons in French, which gave me both happy memories of my first experiences and impressions of Paris and empathy for being that young in a foreign country. 

I puttered around my apartment and online (notice the new blog look? Accepting any and all comments!) and then head out for the day. It's been too long since I've had such a I Love NY weekend. 

From lunch (including the mindblowing Brass Monkey smoothie, made with bananas, peanut butter and almond milk) at the Butcher's Daughter...
... to roaming through Dean & Deluca, I had my culinary fix.

And then I popped around to some of my favorite stores, including Erica Tanov, Michele Varian, Ina and McNally Jackson. I sat for a good hour, researching and pondering and coveting this girl's cherry red Celine purse.

I left with just three books in tow and had some tea before heading to Brooklyn for date night.
Today was another futile effort of apartment hunting, but it was a beautiful day and overall such a soul-satisfying weekend and I think I loved it so much because it reminded me of the inspiration and contentment I used to feel in Paris.


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  2. Cool new look, but young need a nice picture of Paris somewhere and some type of filter so you stop getting pesky spam in your comment box.

  3. Love the new layout. So clean, so pretty! And the Celine purse girl...I want those heels! :)

  4. I love the new blog look! My only suggestion would be to add the cover of your book to the side bar. It would look so pretty with the pink frame! :)

  5. Hello darling .. the new look is lovely .. I too would like to see something of Paris somewhere here on the main page .. I am chilling ( in all senses of the word) in South Egremont Ma, those heels make me shiver.. but I do like the bag :)

  6. just finished reading your book...Im more in love with "sweet things" thn ever thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment and devoured it with "relish"MORE PLEASE. I'm an Aussie and my dream is to do what you on eating tours. blog is great thanks again

  7. Merci, mes amis - I appreciate your feedback and ideas! Moving at a snail's pace, but I'm keen to keep sprucing up the blog. Thank you for your suggestions and please check back.

    Lavendah, so happy to hear that you loved Paris, My Sweet! I hope you're on a new trail of sweet explorations down under!

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