Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lasting visions

My last day in Paris, the weather gods finally said, "Let there be light!" et voila, sunbeams struck through the grey.

Otherwise, it was a damp and moody week. But beautiful all the same.

 The details and little moments...

...hidden corners and artistic displays...

Everything that makes Paris, Paris is what I can never get enough of.


  1. Paris in the winter sunshine seems so decadent! What a spectacular visit you had.

  2. The trick is to be able to put your finger on what exactly it is that makes "Paris, Paris" .. Such a wonderful mix of this and that , that created this amazing place.. through the years it has remained ...Paris :)

  3. I love love the cafes at the street corners. There are so many, and they help make Paris "Paris";)

  4. Damp and moody is not so bad when you're surrounded with such beauty and have a nice, cozy place to go home to at night:)

  5. We've just left Paris after 3 years because the undoubted beauty was no longer enough to combat the nearly constant gray. I was sad to realize I was not feeling the love as I once did. Maybe after a break in sunnier climes...