Sunday, December 9, 2012

Colors that puncture the grey

Everyone in Paris says it’s been the worst year, weather-wise. After my visit in April, and this past week here, I have no reason to doubt them. It’s been grey, rainy and, well, if I weren’t dashing around on a perpetual sugar high, it would be depressing.

Though the million shades of grey are pretty and charming in that Parisian way, it’s nice to see dashes of color around the city.

In the form of marshmallows and cream puffs!

Flowers—for the everyday and the holidays.

Even the seats on Ligne 1 of the Metro got a dandy new look…
…and the mosque is always a good place to find some cheer.
(Especially when Moroccan pastilla is on the table.)


  1. Beautiful. and here.. I could use a touch of cool grey ..
    love, from a very hot sunny Buenos Aires

  2. Pearlescent with a scattering of jewels!

  3. Wow we'd get some great sketches here.

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  5. Merry Christmas to you-I do like the mosque. It was pretty grey in December when I was there-but I do not mind as the city was lit up for Christmas.