Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Another sweet day in Paris

Today, it was all about the food.

And that was all before noon. To be fair, I didn’t eat all of that. In fact, I barely ate any of that. I had wanted to try Le Bal for lunch, but—naturellement—they’re closed Tuesdays. So I went to Coquelicot for a slice of quiche. And this not-so-little-thing I’ve never seen before called the Saint Christin, which has the pastry cream and almond slivers of an almond croissant, but is baked in a long, crispy baguette style. Pas mal.
Then it was down to Sebastian Gaudard, where I quickly fell in love with the grand space and exquisite gateaux. 

And just as quickly fell out of love, grace à the snooty staff. Still, I got a pain au chocolat and, well, it was superb.

But the highlight of the day was lounging at Jacques Genin avec ma belle, Kasia, for hours. We caught up, swapped stories, and blissed out.

The renowned Paris-Brest did not disappoint.

At all.
And another new dessert pour moi: l’ephémère.

This one, chocolate and passion fruit.
The delight in our desserts was matched only when Meg Zimbeck showed up and we got to chat with her and meet M. Genin himself.
The rest of the day had some wandering, but not much. For it wasn’t long before it was time for dinner with Lindsey and Jane. 
And although this picture of my most delicious fish (maigre) is crummy, and I have no photo of the lovely ladies, everything hit the spot: the food, the wine, the conversation, the belly laughs and just the fun of it.


  1. Dinner with Lindsey and Jane? Genin with Kasia? SOOOOOOO envious!

  2. OMG I love Jacques Genin! All of those pastries look so, so, so amazing. I'm glad you are enjoying your time back!



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  4. I have finally reached the stage where I have forgotten what truly blissful deserts taste like. They are so very beautiful though .. I will work on the memory part.
    Glad you are back in Paris. Wish I were too :)

    I see we share the same spammer ... lucky us :(

  5. chocolate and passion fruit!!
    at Jacque Genin...can't even imagine what that was like.
    And Meg too!

  6. You are gluttoness Amy Thomas!!!