Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Survey says!

Most people love their families. Of course they do. There are shared memories, traditions and holidays; the goofy dispositions, long-running rivalries and hysterical revelries—family ties. Everyone thinks their family is the greatest.

But mine really is.

Last spring, one of my cousins called on all of us to try out for Family Feud, which was hosting auditions at the Foxwood casino, in our home state of Connecticut. I couldn’t make the trip and really didn’t think anything of it. Until five of my cousins aced the auditions and made it to the taping. They were going on national TV!
A lot has happened since then. The TV recording was down in Atlanta, where one of my cousins happens to live. So a couple dozen cousins and their spouses, aunts and uncles and second cousins descended on Betsy’s home and it was an impromptu family reunion (with Steve Harvey, honorary Lathrop member). Reportedly, they kicked some ass.

One month after that, my dear Aunt BJ, who was at the taping and caused a ruckus in the live audience as she was never one who could stay quiet, passed away from pulmonary fibrosis. We were all so happy that much of the family had been there together in Atlanta.

Now, this weekend, we’re gathering again. The (promised Emmy-winning) episode of Family Feud premieres today. Team Lathrop, in color-coordinated finery, are bringing their sass, their smarts, their color-coordinated style into your living room. But just in case you’re at work and miss it, and just in case you’re going to be in Connecticut this weekend, join us at the Lyme Tavern at 3pm on Saturday for a party.

My cousins are also donating a portion of their winnings to the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation in honor of Aunt BJ. And if you’re so moved, you can too.

Read more about it all here.


  1. This is TOO funny!! Bravo to your family for nailing the audition - what a fun memory for you all :)

  2. Oh how I wish I could be there !
    Go Team Lathrop !! God bless Aunt BJ.

  3. More sweets! Thank you, Cousin Amy!!

  4. Yay!!! Love you Cousin and can't wait to see you on Saturday! XOXOX - (Little) Meg