Monday, September 17, 2012

My Vegan Mondays

Coffee with soy milk
Granola with almond milk

Veggie stew and green salad from LifeThyme
Gala apple

Couscous salad with roasted broccoli, pine nuts and sun-dried tomatoes

It was one of those Mondays, neither here nor there. I look back on my photos and blog entries of Paris and almost can't believe that was my life. Every day was an adventure. I did something new, saw something inspiring, thought and felt more than I realized was possible. It was a dream. 

I think about Paris all the time. And while I miss it deeply, I am so content here in New York. And I wonder if my chapter in Paris was so magical for the very reason that it was not forever. I'm grateful for my time there, and grateful to be here at home. But every once in awhile, on a dull Monday like today, I can't help but wish I could go back and relive it all....


  1. Eat a big old steak next Monday and reminisce!

  2. Is it easy to eat in Paris for a vegan? I'm really interested as I'd love to go there but its a cheese and cream mecca.

  3. Amy, I think it's because New York is a city in the country you were born in. You have kind of internalized it. Paris on the other hand is in another country, in another continent, a whole new exciting and a little foreign, yet wildly inviting world, where you can really turn the page and just be whoever you want to be, the person you want to be. You can't but feel exhilarated.

  4. Nina, thank you for indulging me. It was indeed a wildly inviting world. Exhilarating. Magic.

    Anne, I imagine you're going through the same feelings down in DC!

    Ceetee, it's not necessarily easy, but it is possible to eat vegan in Paris. In fact, the bread and frites and salads are to die for! But beyond that, you might want to dig into some ethnic restaurants...

    Francofly, thank you for making me laugh out loud!