Sunday, September 20, 2009

La belle journée

The sun has come out for the weekend, and Paris is irresistible once again. Yesterday, I didn’t have much on the itinerary—just a new patisserie I wanted to check out in the seventh arrondisement. Having been deprived of downtime this summer, it was the perfect day to just bike and wander around.

Many of the trees have been changing. The leaves don’t do the Technicolor change from green to yellow to orange to red to golden brown that they do back home, but instead go straight to the golden brown. It truly feels like fall, which is undeniably beautiful but always makes me a little melancholy.

I ended up getting drawn over to Rue Cler, as I sometimes do. It’s near the American University of Paris, where I spent my fateful semester, and I like being reminded of that time. I also love the food markets and cafes there.

I also like that the Eiffel Tower has a way of just popping up, wherever you are over there.

Along with ridiculously gorgeous monuments and dogs with beaucoup character.

This city has a way of spoiling you.

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