Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I am back

Even grey skies and cold temps can’t quell my happy feelings for being back in Paris. I am jet-lagged and haggard, but happy.

My last day in New York was a bitch. It started out with a lovely breakfast with Alex at Balthazar. But it tanked from there.

Already a bit blue from saying good-bye to everyone, I dragged myself home to finish packing and getting my apartment in order for my new subletter. Then my kitchen sink decided to spring a leak. Talk about good timing. Three hours later, I had no choice but to leave my super there, yanking the dishwasher out of the wall. Despite serious strategizing on how to keep my sublet situation under wraps, I think I was too tired to be stressed about it. Besides, I had to save my real stressing for the 90 minutes of traffic I sat in on the way to JFK. Needless to say, by the time I boarded the flight for Charles de Gaulle, I was shattered. Still, I couldn’t really sleep on the flight (thank goodness for Francine Prose’s latest novel).

But back in Paris, I’ve already had many auspicious signs. My landlord was exiting the building as I arrived, and he graciously lugged my suitcase up my six flights of stairs. Viva chivalry! I was elated as that suitcase held three pairs of boots, plus a boatload of American loot. And when I got upstairs, the apartment was cleaner than I’ve ever seen it—the Canadian couple who stayed and watched after Milo were the most considerate people on earth. It restored my faith after my NYC subletting situation. Milo was calm and happy, and it felt wonderful to be back in my little treehouse.

I decided I was too woozy to try to Velib so I grabbed a pain aux raisins—the perfect welcome back treat—and hopped on the metro for work, where my lovely colleagues have been very smiley and sweet towards me. I even have a dinner party next Saturday, so I have to start back on the French lessons.

Still no word on the Louis Vuitton pitch, which is crazy, but there’s plenty of work to focus on until we hear.

But first, I’m off to see if Cojean has my very favorite sandwich on the menu this week. That would be the best sign yet that this is a promising rentrée.

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