Monday, August 3, 2009


This weekend was just what the médicin ordered. I think I finally shook that dark cosmic cloud that’s been haunting me.

I slept and relaxed.

I got a haircut, a pedicure and joined the gym.

I had lots of solo time in which I read Memoirs of Montparnasse and started watching Season 1 of The Wire. (Both thoroughly addictive.)

As much qt solo time as I had, I also had two great dates—brunch with Melissa and an apero with Jo. (New friend alert! Jo’s an Australian art director I met at one of the Ogilvy parties, and she’s awesome.)

I ate well and didn’t drink (save for the one apero).

I feel refreshed and human again. It’s a good thing, too. This week, and this month, promise to be shitstorms.

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