Thursday, September 18, 2014

One year ago

Andrew and I like playing this game. One year ago, we weren't even engaged. We were each living in our own one-bedroom apartments. The single lifestyle.

One year ago, our Brooklyn pad was in the middle of renovations. We were packing up and paring down, but our new home was nowhere near ready for us.
One year ago, we weren't married, but the truth is, we were pregnant. I miscarried very early. It's not a pleasant memory, but it's important not to forget. Our happiness throughout 2014 is that much sweeter and more exciting because of all we've been through to get here, including the early bumps in our relationship, the long, arduous buying process, the wild renovations and even sad occasions like the miscarriage. The truth is, we are so lucky to be where we are to have what we have, and that's something to remember and acknowledge every day. xo


  1. Sweet post Amy. Since I have known you I have admired your cheerful spirit, kind and loving heart and your ability to adapt to lifes ups and downs.
    Your gratitude is infinite. Beauty is surrounding you. I can not think of a person who deserves it more than you!

  2. I love looking back on life. It is so great to keep memories, even when they are bittersweet or sad. xx

  3. I like your perspective. To be be thankful for what we have, despite life's challenges, is a healthy choice we can all make. Best wishes for your new beginning in your new home.

  4. I'm so sorry it was such a difficult road for you Amy but ultimately your dream came true & you are now living it :) You are an amazing person that deserves all the blessings life had to offer & I'm continuing to send good wishes your way! Can't wait to "meet" that little girl :) Xoxo Colleen

  5. Thank you, ladies! You are all amazing, too. Thanks for sharing this journey and always having the kindest words and supportive outlook. Thank you for being part of my world! xo

  6. From reading your blog (and book), I must agree with Connie - love your energy and spirit and positivity. Wonderful to read how 2014 has brought you & your husband much happiness.