Monday, September 15, 2014

My Vegan Monday

Oy. If only we could control time like a remote controlled movie. The days and weeks are ticking by, which, with a three-week-old backache, is a good thing. But I’ve never been one to wish time away. It’s so precious. There is so much to do and see, in life in general, never mind when your days of freedom are finite. Our baby girl will be here in less than four weeks. Eek!

But it’s been an exciting time. I had my baby shower last weekend, which was a lovely day of lounging and laughing with a great group of girlfriends. My new sister-in-law generously hosted and went all out, creating a French-inspired menu of tartines, vichyssoise, quiche, macarons, éclairs, chocolate ganache cake, boatloads of stinky French cheeses, and much, much more. It was beyond.

 And my dad came down this past weekend to help us set up a nursery—though I use the term lightly. We moved my desk out of the second bedroom, but kept the sleeper sofa in there along with setting up a new crib and dresser/changing table. I have to say, it looks great (photos to come soon).

And in between those weekends, I’ve been working of course, but also washing all our girls’ clothes. We got some adorable outfits as gifts  (I think my mom started shopping as soon as I hit the second trimester. Maybe before.) and lots of awesome hand-me-downs. It’s actually pretty incredible how much stuff we have and, I have to say, it was fun putting all those mini-mini-sized socks and onesies away. I can’t believe I’m going to have a living, breathing daughter who will wear those things in mere weeks.

So all is going well with the baby. We are slowly getting more prepared. We are “test-driving” names. We are both excited and in disbelief. We have been so lucky and hopefully everything will continue to go well. I will be very happy to not have a backache anymore and to get my ankles back. Milo will be happy to have a lap back.

In the meantime, life marches forward. It’s feeling autumnal in New York. Work is busy. There is shopping and preparing to do. We cram in good meals when we can and my sweet tooth has not abated. Life is good!

Coffee with almond milk
Green juice: kale, apple, celery, lemon juice and frozen banana
Toasted cranberry pecan bread

Bagel with almond butter, banana and honey
Peanut butter smoothie

My husband’s (yep, still getting a kick out of saying that) kickass tomato soup

Hoping you’re all well, happy, finding adventure in life!


  1. Thinking of you just about everyday now. So excited for your baby girl to arrive. Your shower looks amazing, perfect party for you and all the baby clothes stacked up and ready...amazing! Lots of love to you and Andrew. Miss you, wish I were closer and could stop by and help you prepare. xoxoxo

  2. Oh, Amy, how beautiful and what a gorgeous sister-in-law. Xxx

  3. It's so beautiful to have so many people loving your daughter already. When my daughter was born two years ago I remember thinking "I wish every baby could be so desired, so anticipated, so adored upon arrival". Enjoy your final days.. and prepare for a grand adventure.

  4. Merci, mes amis. I feel the same: so damn lucky that I've had the easy pregnancy that I've had, to be surrounded by such generous and excited friends, and to have family and a whole support system who's so ready to meet and love this little girl. It's exciting, wonderful and, oui, a bit overwhelming. But just so awesome. Thanks for your thoughts and well wishes! xo

  5. Milo is such a cutie! Congrats on the baby and I hope you enjoy the last few sweet weeks :-)

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  7. Yay!!! So delightful! Amy, I am so happy for you. I have been following you on Facebook now and then, and it astounds me how fast life can change! I'm up in teesy tiny Loveland, Colorado (down the hill, way down from Rocky Mountain National Park) now, and I can't believe it was just about four years ago (I think?) that we gathered in your Paris digs for a macaron-tasting adventure. :-) Darnit, but I had to leave your book back in Paris with many of my other things, but I will re-read it again one of these days, to relive some sweet moments.

    I am so happy for your imminent arrival. Motherhood is a trip, a wonderful, crazy-making but good trip. It will suit you beautifully.

    Hugs from Colorado, Amy.

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