Saturday, June 8, 2013


I’m absolutely loving the profiles for the new guard of expat bloggers in Paris. Each woman is so cool in her own right, but you can see how they’re all linked by a light, adventurous spirit, an appreciation for food and friends, and deep gratitude. It’s just wonderful to relive the excitement of living in Paris.

I’m going to continue the profiles (next up, Milsters of Little Pieces of Light!) but wanted to squeeze in an update while I had the time. ‘Cause there’s BIG NEWS.

I’m leaving my job! Woot woot! And I got an apartment! Hallelujah!

I’ve been pretty miserable in my job for some time. It’s not so much the projects or the hours, but it’s been working for two toxic bosses who taint the whole experience. We spend too much time at work to feel crummy about it, so I’ve been looking and thinking about what I want and finally connected with an agency that I’m really excited about: Spring Studios. I can’t wait for a new chapter and to feel good about going to work again.

And within 24 hours of receiving my offer letter, we got the signed contract for our new home in Prospect Heights. It’s a lovely two-bedroom, near Prospect Park. 

The amazing architecture and leafy, green streets, plus stellar restaurants…

….makes this one of the coolest neighborhoods in Brooklyn and worth the five months of crazy apartment-hunting.

I’ve been eating some healthy, some not.

I finished Culinary Intelligence and All That Is (loved them) and just started Penelope Lively’s How It All Began (and excitedly saving Wild and Yes, Chef for our week-long beach vacation on Cape Cod this summer).

I’ve had friends from LA, Paris and Hershey passing through town, bringing me to such places at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, the Bohemian Beer Garden for belly dancing performances, and the Gramercy Hotel for rainy night jazz.

I haven’t tried the city’s new bike share program yet, but am looking forward to scooting around on the bright blue bicycles...

(albeit on a weekend morning, when there is very little traffic. Velib’ing around Paris was one thing, but the Indy 500-style taxi driving in New York makes me nervous).

I also have not gotten my hand on a cronut yet. 

Milo is getting very chubby, but he's as cute as ever.


  1. Lovely post. I was in NYC during Memorial weekend. I wish I knew about those places. Good chance with your new job and appartment.

  2. Oh where to begin !!
    Congratulations !! on the new job and leaving the toxic behind.
    On the apartment, fabulous !! and sweet Milo .. he doesn't look a day older :)
    I think that the Citibike is a great idea ... IF they get rid of the taxis .. I don't even enjoy crossing a NYC street, muchless riding a bike on one .
    And you know Buenos Aires streets are my background lol ..
    Congratulations again ...

  3. Congrats on all fronts. Spent the first year back in the US working for a toxic boss and finally extricated myself. Some months later, toxic boss got herself fired. YES! Enjoy all the newness.

  4. Congratulations for ALL of this!! This is all such exciting news!! What you said about work is so true. It is so important to like your job. I hope this next one gives you what you're looking for! In any case, you have a gorgeous new apartment to look forward to as well. This is all so exciting! Please keep us all posted. xxx

  5. Congrats, I am so happy for you, so many good things happening!

  6. A million mercis, mes amis! xoxo

  7. Congrats on the apartment! It looks amazing! And congrats also on the new job! Power to you, girl, for refusing to work in a toxic environment!:)

  8. What a great update! I am very happy things are working out and the fact that you ditch that place. Congratulations on the new crib too! xxxx, Grace

  9. Merci, merci! Every once in awhile, life gets shaken up whether it's a result of your own efforts or the universe at large. I'm so excited for these new changes... anxious, but excited!

  10. HOORAY!!!! Life does have a way of always sorting things out for us, doesn't it? I'm so, so happy for you on all fronts. You so deserve it! Felicitations! xo

  11. Congratulations on the new job and that apartment looks gorgeous! Good luck and all the best starting a new chapter this summer!

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