Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The best of all worlds

It’s a time of transition. My last day at the old job was Thursday, and I start my new gig tomorrow. In between, I’ve been squeezing in quality time with friends and family. I’ve gotten to yoga three times. I had pastries for Breakfast Club, baked cookies for dad, and had my first DQ blizzard of the season. I walked barefoot in the country. I visited one of the most beautiful hotel bars in the city, twice. It’s been a slow ramp-up to summer weather, but when I stepped outside today, I knew it was most definitely summer. Moving into the new job, preparing for the new apartment, embracing what summer will bring, my mantras are “confidence” and “joy.”


  1. Is that the view form your new place???

  2. I hope today went well ... good luck with everything !

  3. Merci, Duchesse. I got it from one of the yoga instructors. I love it too.

    Joanna, thank you for making me laugh! I only wish that was the view from my new place. (It's from the Boom Boom Room, 18 floors above the Meatpacking District. sigh.)

    Candice, the first day was brilliant! I'm very excited. xo