Thursday, February 28, 2013

Une question: Traveing to Paris in May

Bonjour Amy!
I'm writing to ask advice for traveling to Paris in May. This year May 8, Victoire Day, is a Wednesday, and Ascension Day is Thursday, May 9.  My friend and I were planning to go to Paris May 2 to May 10, but now I'm thinking we should change the dates.  We have not booked flights yet. Will we have to scrounge to find restaurants and patisseries and boulangeries that are open? If we switch to early June, will everything be so much more crowded?
Merci from a fellow chocoholic,
Dawn in Colorado

Salut, Dawn! 
You know, I hate to say it but I do think you'd be better off bumping your trip to June (or late May if that's preferable). May is riddled with holidays and, as you suspected, many boutiques, restaurants and, worst of all, boulangeries, shutter. Of course not the whole city is shut down, but if you have the flexibility, you'd be happier with seven full days to romp wherever your hearts and stomachs take you, rather than passing a whole day in the park because nothing is open.

And in terms of crowds in June, I don't think it will make a big difference. July and August, sure, get pretty touristy, but June is actually a wonderful time to visit. Good temps and long, long days of sunshine—which make it that much easier to squeeze in an extra chocolate “gouter” (or two).

Bon voyage!


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  2. Hey, I am creating a travel community called Gap Guides to assist backpackers with their travels and have just created a mini guide to Paris.

    If you would like to offer any contributions, check it out!

    Andy :)

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