Sunday, February 3, 2013

The week in food

Duck at The NoMad. Perfection.
Parisian breakfast at LA Burdick.

A trifecta of nut butters—almond, peanut and cashew—and sliced fruit on toast at my new favorite cafe, The Butcher's Daughter.
Cookies, made by yours truly! The best part about them? There's Nutella stuffed in the center of every one of them.
Breakfast at Milk Bar. Truffled egg toast.
Bircher museli.
Wash it all down, and enjoy every last bite.


  1. You definitely have a tape worm!
    Where can I get one!!

  2. You are so skinny despite all this food! Tape worm indeed - or hollow leg!

  3. Um, so much yumminess! Especially love the french breakfast...