Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Marooned on a tropical island

I was supposed to see Aimee Mann tonight. I've wanted to see her for years and was so excited to finally have tickets. Needless to say, the show was rescheduled and my thwarted attempt to see her is small beans to what's happened in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

It sounds like New York is a mess. Lots of people—friends, family and strangers—are making do, getting by, offering help, and taking up offers from others for help. So who I am to say peep? I'm stuck in the Caribbean!
I do feel bad that so many people are without electricity and cleaning up atrocious messes. But if my flight was going to be cancelled and I was going to get stuck someplace, Grenada is a pretty sublime place to be.

This island is a paradise of fruit, spices and... chocolate!

 Amazing chocolate, at that.
The people couldn't be friendlier, the vibe of Grenada is peaceful, happy and mellow, and it's just... spectacular.

 I've hiked through the rainforest...

 ... swam in the sea...

 ... and am eating it all up.
Until I'm back in New York this weekend, I'm hoping everyone stays safe and well.
Thankfully, I have good neighbor-friends who are seeing that Milo is safe and well.


  1. Damn, lucky you basking the sun of the Caribbean. One day I will return, and it may very well be where I would like to die. Not immediately, mind you, just eventually.

    And you get monkeys!

    Glad to hear that Milo is in good hands, and hope that your two legged NYC connections are just as safe and sound.

  2. I was going to ask about Milo .. so happy to see that he is doing so well .. and just where a pussy cat needs to be in times like these :)

    How great that you are "trapped" in such a beautiful place at a time like this !

    Our NYC boy is okay, for some lovely reason, they did not lose power !

  3. Oh, c'est dur! ;)

    But seriously -- I am glad you and Milo are safe and sound and that you have the chance to enjoy a little extra holiday! Me too, I am stranded, in California, at my parents' house. They're going to have to roll me on the plane!

  4. Yes agree there are worse places you could be stuck! Have a wonderful birthday and remember it is only a number 40 and fabulous I say Carlax
    I hope all your friends and family are safe and well

  5. Agreed! Thank you all for your sweet thoughts - for me and Milo! At this point, I'm almost dreading the return to NYC... a terrible feeling, but one I'm sure will change as soon as I board my flight. Be safe and happy, mes amis! xo

  6. So glad you're safe! Hoping your apartment made it through Sandy unscathed!

  7. Bad luck about Aimee, but there are definitely worse places to be stuck! I was out in the Caribbean when Sandy struck too, and your photos are very evocative of where I found myself - not so much as a storm in sight. We got off lightly, eh?

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