Sunday, August 12, 2012

The week in food

There were no extravagant meals this week. No new restaurant explorations. Instead, I worked long hours and managed to get sick enough to sabotage my vacation on Martha's Vineyard. Hrmph.

Thank goodness there were at least some bright spots on the food front...

Let's start with Levain. Is there anything better than one of their 6-ounce divinely decadent monsters? Not much...

... Except my new favorite brunch spot, Homemade. Savory (a truffle egg scramble with home fries and a slab of walnut toast),

or sweet (brioche french toast with sweet sautéed apples), it's the best.

Cocktails on the patio of Maison Premiere - so wonderful and civilized.

And veggie sushi!

New, in my hood, Beyond Sushi. I think this one is going to be a healthy addiction...


  1. that is an amazing amount of scrambled egg! all looks delicious - brioche french toast sounds like one to try at home :)

  2. What was the red coctail? The other looks like a soctch.

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