Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer in Paris

Lindsey’s recent post made me think of my two summers in Paris. Le sigh. How fun they were.

Moments like lounging on intertubes at the Batofar.
Going to the carnival in the Jardin des Tuileries.

Waiting in loooong lines for Berthillon ice cream.
Cramming in for a great outdoor movie. A French classic.

Lounging on divine terraces. 
Picnics in the park!

Ping pong!
Paris is an amazing playground in the summer months. What were your favorite moments this summer?


  1. Aren't those long nights gorgeous? (Sidenote: I'd love to spend a June week in Russia one day.) My favorite moments were very simple -- evenings in our new apartment, sipping wine and cooking dinner with the windows wide open to the summer sky.

  2. Aww Paris misses you Amy, and so do I! xo Erica

  3. As you might remember, this is Winter for us.
    A long and cold winter. I look forward to this thing called Summer. I vaguely remember it, it's warm, isn't it ?
    besos. C

  4. Well, I wish I had been in Paris. I love your photo journal! My favorite summer memories are when my kids were out visiting for their annual vacation. We spend it at the beach. Miss them already.

  5. This was my 1st summer in Paris even if only for 3 weeks..
    We picnic'd in the Tuilleries
    But I loved best all the ICE CREAM!

  6. Two summers in France-how fortunate. Berthillion is one of my favourites.


  7. whatever you do is merely thus magical and exquisite. liked this specific.

  8. Ah Ah ! Berthillon! It always let me baffled! I mean be it only in the single rue St Louis en l'Ile, I counted seven of them! And look at this page of my blog. All photos were shot in that same street, each Berthillon having people lining up to eat those famous ice creams! Gosh! People are crazy! I like ice cream but not up to this point! :)
    And as I state in this page of my blog, you won't put out of my mind that there is some Parisian Bobo snobbery behind all that! :)