Monday, January 30, 2012

My Vegan Mondays

Boy, do I have a lot to atone for this Monday. About four chocolate chip cookies, four cupcakes, five slices of cake and 80 handfuls of Swedish fish, malt balls, Haribo raspberries and other ridiculous penny candies in 36 hours. What can I say? It was my nephew's sixth birthday this weekend and we all were riding sugar highs. Why stop when you've sunk so low??

Granola with almond milk


Steamed veggies and fried potatoes
Granola bar

Udon soup with kimchi
Licorice (just a little left over from the weekend's festivities...)


  1. You are so good. Just the fact that you remember it is Monday.
    besos. C
    My days have been consisting of coffee and more coffee followed by ice cream and sometimes a salad.

  2. I can't even ween myself off the insane doses of sugar I've been consuming the last month. I think the twitch in my eye is probably a bad sign. I can't stop! Wish I had the control you do for a "vegan Monday"!

  3. LOL, Lost in Cheeseland .. the twitch in your eye.
    Thank you, that gave me the giggles. ( especially since I drink over-sweetened coffee All Day Long :)

  4. Whoa, this can be lovely. Imagine each of the studying as well as writing you could do this... Frosty in the winter though.