Thursday, January 26, 2012

The cutest restaurant in New York CIty

It may be rare that I fall head over heels, but when I fall, I fall hard. Like with Buvette.

I've been lamenting the fact that I never go out for dinner the way I used to. For whatever reason(s), since returning from Paris I just don't have the opportunity, occasion or companions the way I once did. I fell for Buvette late last spring and had only had one repeat visit. But this morning, I had the lucky opportunity to have breakfast there. And my love is for real.

Nutella crepes...

They call these tartines, but never have I seen such fluffy-thick-soft bread. And the butter and marmalade on top?! Heaven.

Waffles buried under a cloud of whipped cream and fresh berries.

Et voila... tarte tatine. Sweet-savory, caramel-y tarte tatin. For breakfast. Pourquoi pas??

Not that there weren't other amazing little baked bits to choose from...

But I guess I need something new to try the next time I go back.


  1. I went from NY Times site to an "Amy Thomas" Google search. Is it even worthwhile to say I want your life? What I would do to pick your brain for a half hour...

    You're inspiring to an aspiring PRtist/journalist/travel writer like me. And it helps that I, too, am a sweet freak who would rather be in Paris.

  2. I can only dream about when we get back to NYC and have Buvette waiting for us !
    I will tell my Baby Boy so he can go stock up :)

  3. Everything looks sooooo good ... especially that Nutella crêpe. Miam!

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