Monday, May 9, 2011

Weather check: spring break

I know, I know... it's been positively balmy in Paris (for weeks!). But in New York, we're finally getting a lovely taste of spring.

Bonne semaine, tout le monde!


  1. Beautiful... I love them all but love that Wisteria photo .. I would like to live in that building, wouldn't you?
    besos from a beautiful Autumn day in BA.

  2. If I had any real photographic skills, which I do not, I would take a picture of the Dogwood trees (one white, one pink) in my backyard.

    So, I will enjoy your photos instead. They don't make me sneeze.


  3. dear amy,

    (sorry this is so long, i couldn't find a contact button! feel free to reply through the contact button on my blog!)

    i just read your march nyt article! i am a writer and a photographer... and later this year, my love and i are following our dream and moving to paris! so, perhaps you can read/see our journey as you're nostalgic for the one that you had?

    i'd love to connect about your experience... and i, too, would love to write a book about paris one day...

    view my personal lifestyle blog at: ... for now it chronicles my personal photography and our life in vancouver... and soon, it will follow our time in paris!


  4. I'm glad you're all enjoying the beauty this time of the year, too.

    Candice, I agree: that brownstone with the creeping wisteria (I'm guessing) is New York's finest!

    Robyn, how exciting that you're moving to Paris - there's no need for me to tell you that you are going to love it. It's life-changing. You can email me at

  5. Wow, beautiful! I guess if you can't be in Paris in the springtime, New York is a good 2nd choice.