Monday, May 16, 2011

My Vegan Mondays

People, 10 days with nary a drop of dairy, a splash of sugar, an ounce of caffeine and obviously no meat. I have “cheated” with a glass of alcohol here and there, and I finally had a bit of wheat on Sunday: one slice of whole grain toast (hiding under delicious alkaline avocado, lemon and olive oil). But otherwise, I have been fiercely alkaline. Last week, I was really enjoying the challenge of this diet. This week I want to eat.

But the effects are nice, I must admit. I’m lighter on my feet and my jeans are looser on my ass. That’s a relief.

Green tea
Green juice (cucumber, celery, parsley, lemon juice and green apple)
Soy nuts

Giant salad of kale, sprouts, celery, red pepper and cucumber, sundried tomatoes
More soy nuts
Sliced carrots and celery

This was my big splurge. I met the lovely and talented Kasia Dietz, who’s in town from Paris, at Angelica Kitchen for dinner. There, I had a nice warm meal of vegetable croquettes made with millet and quinoa, two of the three alkaline grains permissible. And French lentils and green beans. It hit the spot. As did Kasia's company and conversation.

Four more days! What should be the first acidic treat? A cheese platter? A gigantic sandwich with the works? A Cowgirl Bakery cupcake? The other 500 gram bag of dried apple I still have from Paris??


  1. A friend of mine once went on a 30-day cleanse and the minute it was over he drove to the McDonald's drive-thru for a super-sized something or another.

    I don't recommend you do this.

  2. A French patisserie has opened around the corner and we go there every day for sweets and coffee.
    Yesterday was raspberry tarts and banana nut muffins.
    But they make a sandwich of roast eggplant, tomtoes, zucchini and roast peppers and gouda .. on some sort of French roll.
    I am pathetically happy about this :)
    I made broccoli pasta and it was so garlicky that we couldn't eat it lol. I am going to give up cooking.
    Vegan and raw .. how is that ? besitos ..

  3. I cut out dairy, red meat and way back on sugar in January and haven't looked back (except for a ton of GELATO! in Venice).
    Well I did sin on a melted cheddar cheese taco a couple weeks ago but it didn't taste the way I remembered it.
    I don't count the dairy in pastries because that's research but I try to watch it..
    Lot's more here on cutting back on stuff HERE.

    Bon chance!

  4. Ladies, I love and appreciate how you're like me: powerless to sweets, but hyper-aware of sustainable eating.

    Carol, merci for the link - I'm going to read about why a chocolate chip cookie has so much power over us right now.

    Candice, I would be "pathetically happy" with that selection and ready to say senara to cooking, too!

    Amy, I would like to think I wouldn't stoop to McDonalds... but I am afraid of my impending "rebound". Someone needs to save me from myself!