Sunday, May 8, 2011

Brunch in Paris

I love how Parisians have adopted the idea of "le brunch". When I was back in town, Jo and I picked up our Sunday ritual. We love our eggs and coffee, so normally went to more Anglo-type places—Twinkie, Super Nature, Coco & Co, Hotel Amour—where we could pick à la carte options instead of the overpriced prix-fixe menu. But this time we went to La Bouche, a cute little spot in the 20eme.

We succumbed to the prix-fixe option. In fact, we had no choice. It was, in fact, quite delicious if a bit odd: some greens topped with mandarin orange; a beet purée, good for sipping or spooning; one piece of not-quite-French-toast; a soft boiled egg; and a banana baked in its skin (mind you, the non-vegetarian option had half the banana and a couple slices of pork).

Of course we got juice and un boisson chaud, plus tartines (no vienoisserie), with a lovely spread of Nutella and lemon curd. The syrup was for the French toast.

Bon dimanche!


  1. Oh to be able to click my heels and have a Paris Brunch today !
    besos !

  2. Interesting selection for sure! Coco&Co is now called Eggs & Co - though the previous name sounded better, the new one leaves no mystery to their specialty =)

  3. This looks so good - how very chic (or maybe it just feels that way because it's PARIS).