Friday, November 6, 2009

Ho hum

It was a good week. But good is all. Not terribly exciting or inspired. Not down and out. I’ve been treading water in a very blasé place these past couple of months, trying to tap into the excitement and gratitude I felt at first for being here in Paris and for having been given this opportunity. But the reality is, it’s been hard to find the energy or enthusiasm. I’m more often tired, grumpy and indifferent. I don’t mean to sound depressed because I’m not. I guess I’m trying to make sense of my feelings as much as I am apologizing for not posting more often lately.

So, the week in a nutshell:

I focused on recouping a little, sleeping, getting to the gym, and weaning myself from sugar, booze and three-course dinners.

Which I did successfully, save for my one fabulous date with Mel at La Fidelité that entailed decadent dishes and kir royales. I do love eating and drinking!

I wrapped up a couple articles and am hoping to have a little more space inside my head as a result.

Work is going well—just really busy. I’m excited for the upcoming projects and potential opportunities, though staying at the office until 8 o’clock really saps my energy.

But it’s Friday. It’s my birthday. The sun is out after a week of rain, and I’m off to London tomorrow morning to see and party with family.

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  1. Mandy in ManchesterNovember 6, 2009 at 7:47 AM

    Happy Birthday! and enjoy London (although you wont find the weather any better over here.... :-)