Monday, November 2, 2009

A culinary weekend

Saturday night was a five-course Mexican fiesta, cheffed up by Sylvia of Chez-Lionel & Sylvia. Chips and guacamole, baked cheese and chorizo soup, tamales and tortillas, chicken mole and refried beans, Corona and Desperado… olé! (And oh my!)

The table dressing was adorable, the dogs were well-behaved and everyone was very kind about my bastardized French.

Sunday afternoon was a totally different scene. Out in the 20th arrondisement, Rachel played host to a muesli-tasting party. Cranking away on a cookbook for this “healthy” subject, she needed to test her homemade granola recipes. For me, it was all about the spicy ginger plum, yum.

And bookending the weekend was dinner at Café Moderné Friday night with Dad and Lo and Sunday night dinner at Louis Vins with Bruce and Meghan. While Friday was the last binge of Dad’s visit, I didn’t let it stop me from indulging with Bruce and Meghan last night: goat cheese salad, grilled tuna and buttery mashed potatoes, tarte tatin, plus these cute little shooters of lentil soup.

I would say the detox began today, but I have one more big dinner one the horizon: La Fidelité tomorrow night with Melissa. Yay!

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