Sunday, November 15, 2009

Battle of the bulge

“C’mon! You didn’t come here to watch the morning news and eat croissant!”

This was the gem my yoga drill sergeant offered this morning. I can always count on one great zinger from her. I love it.

And it’s true. In fact, I’ve missed several weeks of yoga due to work and traveling and am suddenly looking at a new pooch that I’m desperate to get rid of. So I’ll try to go back to yoga on both Thursday and Friday. And no morning croissants, no afternoon pastries, no après-dinner chocolates in the meantime. This sweet freak needs to reign it in.


  1. As Sylvain Blanc, co-owner of Hugo & Victor, told me, "You won't gain weight if you eat only pastry." So that's the key. Then you don't have to worry about yoga.