Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring training

So here we are. Another couple weeks have passed. Work is busy-busy-busy. It's spring in Brooklyn. And Mlle. Parker is doing great.

Nearing 17 pounds, she has started eating solids. No surprise, she loves food and has not turned down the banana, avocado or sweet potato we've offered. It, and she, is hilarious. 
She really enjoyed my piece in the Times this week, 36 Hours on the Left Bank, and now wants to go to Paris. But first, we're going to warm up with a long weekend in Puerto Rico.

I miss writing and exercising. I miss going out for cocktails with friends. I miss being lazy and not having to think about things. But I am so in love and can't imagine life any other way.


  1. I love her chubby little hands guiding the spoon!!
    Stay happy and relaxed, it wouldn't be easy working with motherhood. Xx

  2. She is growing way too fast, tell her I said Slow down !! I love her face .. I am sure she will enjoy Puerto Rico .. some warm salty air is very pleasant for a small girl .. who will begin her own list of Places She Has Been. Un beso para Parker ..

  3. Wow! She looks more and more like you!:)

  4. Oui, oui, she does look like me but I think Andrew is coming out more in her now, too. She's definitely growing quickly and, as she does, has new facial expressions and personality ticks. It's all pretty fun and funny! She is a joy. xo