Monday, April 27, 2015

Hola, amigos!

We took our first vacation with Parker this past week – to sunny Puerto Rico.

It was as much an experiment as it was a getaway. What would it be like sharing a hotel room with our little so-so sleeper? Would she like the pool? The sea’s waves? Sand between her toes? Would we all have to huddle under an umbrella so as to not scorch any skin, especially her pristine cheeks, thighs and arms?

All in all, it was successful. It had its challenging moments of course—the flights and naptime in particular. But man, it was fun spending so much time with her. 

Rolling around on the king-sized bed. Seeing her chubby little arms and legs exposed after being in feetie-pajamas all these months. Her constant smile and awe. She’s a little dreamboat.  


  1. She looks like a little doll and she looks like her Mama. Delightful.
    I bet it was lovely for all of you , bet you wished you could stay longer :)
    She is just adorable .. love that smile. kisses ! C

  2. She does look like her mama!:) What lovely family pictures! You guys look so happy:)

  3. Merci, mes amis! It was a different kind of adventure - lots of fun. I do think Parker is picking up more of Andrew's traits, though she's just all her own personality! xo

  4. OMG! She looks live a cute doll! Ummmah :*

  5. Yeh! I am agree with you it's much expensive but Puerto Rico is popular for being a great family tour spot.

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