Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hello, April

Another wrinkle in time. A game of leapfrog through the weeks. My life lately has been a little of this:
And a little of this:
And, joy of all joys, a girls weekend in Miami with my four soul sisters.
So I'm not complaining.

I've been pretty good about Vegan Mondays but managed to get a nasty cold that knocked me out during my mom and stepdad's visit. Fortunately, I had Girls, True Detective and The Art of Fielding to entertain me during convalescence.

What I'd really like to do is motivate to share before and after pictures of our apartment, which Milo is clearly enjoying.

But first, there is wedding planning. June 14th, y'all! It's just around the corner.

So bear with me at my middle-aged snail's pace. There will be apartment voyeurism, a trip to Paris and other revelatory snapshots and quotidian thoughts in the weeks ahead. Hip, hip, April!


  1. I hope you are already feeling close to perfectly well.
    I like the little peek at the apartment .. a fireplace ? omigodyouaresolucky!!
    Milo looks fine and how cute, I have a tiny version of that here on my sofa right now.
    Be well, C

  2. For me, wedding planning was fairly zen. As an older couple (I was 41 and he was 51) we realized that we just wanted to share our joy with only our closest family and friends. Our day was perfect. Yours will be too. <3

  3. Can't wait for your before and after apartment pics! We just did our main floor office / library with built in bookshelves, window seat and desk and despite the fact that I wanted to stab myself with a fork many times due to the delays and lack of contractor communication I love the result.