Monday, March 17, 2014

My Vegan Mondays

Coffee with almond milk
Some almonds

Veggie burger and a side of greens
A few dark chocolate squares
Red grapes

I tried my hand at Egyptian red lentil soup - not bad

This all sounds lovely and vegan, and it was. Except I also made chocolate chip cookies. The non-vegan kind. What can I say? I needed comfort and craved warm cookies.

But what’s interesting is that I improvised on a few of the ingredients—used spelt flour instead of all-purpose flour, and threw in some oats for kicks—and then had to improvise on a couple others. I discovered my lovely fiancé used up all the vanilla extract so I busted out some almond extract that I had bought in Paris. And during my increasingly frantic search for the vanilla, I knocked over an entire jar of dried oregano and some spilled into the batter. So as I gobbled up about a dozen of the cookies, both warm and comforting, occasionally I came across one with a savory, herbal flavor. It wasn’t bad. And the almond added an interesting dimension. And the different flour and oats made the consistency unlike any other time I’ve baked Nestle Tollhouse cookies. It was fun. A good experiment. Enjoyed while reading a few pages of The Yonahlossee Riding Campfor Girls. It wasn’t as good as the classic recipe, but I’m inspired to start deviating from recipes a little more often. We all should.


  1. I was making sauteed vegetables for dinner the other night and wanted something different .. ended up using just spinach but threw in some cinnamon and curry and had it with couscous. I would never have used cinnamon with veggies before but I guess I must have read a recipe that gave me the idea ..
    It is fun to give things your own little twist .. makes it more Your recipe instead of Betty Crockers lol ..
    I was going to bake chocolate chip cookies today - but after driving to Albany to see where the airport is... I was drained of all energy.
    I wish I were in BA or Paris right now ..

  2. Mm, must try this! I have a memory of rosemary, sea salt and dark chocolate cookies once -- a pleasant memory, of course. I think it's time to branch out with the herbs! (Pun not intended but appreciated.)

  3. I made cookies on Monday too. Must have been the cold and snow. I actually went to Camp Yonahlossee (in NC) although it wasn't a riding camp. :)

  4. I'm giggling at this post -- herbal notes! :) A Franco-American-Ecuadorian friend of mine always uses almond extract in her chocolate chip cookies -- it's her signature twist!