Sunday, March 2, 2014

Time, time, time…

It’s especially hard to believe that it is now March. Not only have weeks gone by and I haven’t blogged and I wonder what I do with my days, but the weather here in New York is on a cruel spin cycle. It’s just cold, snow, wind, repeat like a not-so-funny Groundhog day joke. I thought we were through the worst of it, but we’re slated for at least a couple storms this week. Le sigh.

Life has just become so much more inward-focused. While Andrew and I got to Kansas City and Rhinebeck in February…

 … and hit a couple new restaurants (River Park, Red Rooster, Bar Corvo), I obviously haven’t been sinking the same gusto into documenting these adventures. I did, however, check out the new Ladurée in Soho and get my fill of pancakes during Clinton Street Baking Company’s Pancake Month.

(Oui, they're as amazing as they look.)

There have been a few conversations about Paris, My Sweet and writing assignments.

There have been developments on the apartment front (I am planning to show some serious before and after photos!).

There has even been a little progress on wedding planning (nothing specific to reveal yet).

Mostly, I revel about my serious days of blogging and moonlighting, eating and adventuring. What fun it was. How life changes. And, what's new in your world??


  1. Welcome back! I love those light pendants!

  2. I'm happy you're back and hope to read you more often :) Apartement looks great! Kind regards from France :)

  3. Merci, Nikatay and Madeleine! xo

  4. I love your description of life becoming more inward-focused with less gusto for documenting your adventures. Well said. :)