Sunday, January 19, 2014

Live, from Brooklyn

So this is what much of 2014 has looked like.

Sweets. Milo. Cold. Sweets. Milo. Snow.

It’s just been a nasty winter. Lots of great reasons to stay put and keep warm.

That said, there has been a wee bit of culcha. A maiden visit to the very incredible Morgan Library
Seeing The Commons of Pensacola, which was a great play (go, Amanda Peet!). Plus visits with friends from Paris and San Francisco and great meals at Locande Verde, 606 R&D, Sunshine & Co and The London.

All in all, I could do with some kinder weather. Should probably pull back a little on the sweets. But I’m hoping for just as many visits with friends, moments with Milo, planned and spontaneous culture and maybe even a little progress on the wedding planning and book proposal fronts.


  1. Oh how I love the Morgan Library !
    We used to go there then mosey on over to Saks and do a bit of shopping :)
    Milo looks like he has gained a bit of weight , typical for winter, no ? :)
    Do you really have a fireplace ... I might not speak to you if you say yes .
    besitos, from the great frozen north of Manhattan.

  2. That sounds like a perfectly lovely way to spend a few frigid weeks in January. Will you share some of your wedding plans when you feel ready? I imagine it will be oh so chic and I can't even imagine how good your cake and sweets will be

  3. Hi, I found you through Becoming Madame. I too am on her blog-roll. Your photos look so comfy! I have my own take on Paris and a cafe that use to make me comfy. Read about it here:

  4. oh milo - that one of him under the covers - so cute. good for you in getting out for some culcha : ) - so hard in the middle of a deep freeze I find!