Friday, January 31, 2014

Just because

I’ve been noticing the phrase “Just because” a lot lately. It reminded me that I used to post a lot using that label, and it’s actually a great way to live. I’ve barely come up for air this month, working a ton and hibernating from the cold. But it’s a good reminder to just do things, say things, even notice things just for the hell of it. To just hit pause and breathe and marvel and be alive. Bon vendredi, mes amis.


  1. "Just because" is a perfect answer to many things.
    When someone asks Why you did something that is none of their business, Just because is the answer.
    I get that a lot.
    Strangers asking personal questions .. why ? Just because.

  2. Oh yes, I agree ... just do, just experience ... make your life a work of art! ~M

  3. L'art de vivre, the greatest art of all. It reminds me of Oscar Wilde (and all dandies, come to think of it...) and Anais Nin. (I wonder if the strong French connection is just a coincidence...?)

  4. Piaf, I definitely do not think the French connection is a coincidence. To me, it's a very French attitude!

    Candice & Maria, agreed! Here's to making life art and not making others' questions and perceptions an issue!