Monday, January 13, 2014

Great beauty

I was going to blog about my Vegan Monday today. But instead of itemizing my oatmeal, almonds and kale salad (and adding a disclaimer that the salad had some shredded parmesan in it, which it did, and which I felt moderately guilty about, but then started rationalizing that it was leftovers and which is the greater wrong: having a little cheese, or letting food go to waste?), which is hardly riveting to begin with, I thought you'd rather be charmed. By this little beauty.
Paris, tu me manques!!


  1. I'm so glad you made the better choice. After all, guilt over a bit of cheese is so un-french

  2. I wonder since you are a on special diet, is it easy for you to find restaurants in Paris where you can eat your meals? How about other towns in France, or do you only concentrate on Paris only ? Paris is my hometown by the way (I am French) and have been reading all the American blogs on it as I am a bit homesick, there are many and so varied. It is so nice that people enjoy my country. I see on the list on the side of your blog that there are more Paris blogs I can visit. I wish some were in French though as I miss the language. If you know of any (as I no doubt think you may have many French friends) please let me know, that would make me very happy, thanks.

  3. Regarding the question from Vagabonde, I had some of the best vegetarian meals in my life, in Paris . My husband first visited Paris in the early 1960s and it wasn't that easy to get meatless meals but when we were there starting in the 1980s .. non-meat meals were not an issue . I would rather be a vegetarian in Paris than Buenos Aires :)

    It is a beauty Amy , a beauty that I think I need to see sometime soon.

  4. There is a vegetarian restaurant hidden up high in Montmarte, but I can't remember its name and I do not know if it is still there.. Lovely photo of the eiffel Tower..

  5. Great lighting in the photo. When will you be there again?

    PS I was in Denise's store and of course she had to ask if I had read your book and your mention of her.

  6. Cynthia, merci, you made me laugh out loud!

    Esme, so happy to hear that! Did Denise talk your ear off??

    Candice, I think a soul-satisfying trip to Paris is definitely in your future. Allez!

    Vagabonde and Valerie, there's actually a fair amount of vegetarian fare to be found in Paris (beyond, I'm less sure). Similarly, I've come across lovely French bloggers over the years, but I'm so rusty these days. They're out there, Vagabonde! xo