Sunday, March 17, 2013

The outline

The days go by too quickly. From Sunday night, when I’m trying to jam in 11 things I neglected to do all weekend, to Wednesday morning spin class, to any old sugar-infused pick-me-up on a workday afternoon, I’m always wondering: how is it that I accomplish less and less the older I get? Why can’t I get more done on any given day?

My new strategy is outlining. I’m a to-do list addict. I make one every week (and because of the already mentioned inability to get shit done, at least half of the items from any given week are imported to the next week’s… to the next, and the next…). But I’m getting even more anal, and creating outlines for everything from what I’m going to wear to what I’m going to eat.

Yep, that anal.

I just feel like I waste so much time trying to figure out my shoes or jewelry in the morning. Or blindly roaming Whole Foods, trying to find a fast, easy dinner that is going to nourish me on both a health and guilty pleasure level. So by mapping these things out, I’m hoping I feel more in control, can eke out a few more minutes of precious time each day, and then…
… indulge in things that are truly nourishing. Like reading. Petting Milo. Catching up with friends on the telephone (remember that archaic device??). And just… thinking. 

Sounds heavenly, doesn't it?


  1. Ha ha, you sound like me! But I really think there is some method to our madness.

    I'm constantly trying to make systems out of everything I do on a frequent basis, because that, as you said, frees up your brain space for the other more important things in life.

    And it helps to drill in those healthy habits too so eating well and working out regularly becomes automatic rather than forced -and really who has time to be obsessing & over analysing each and every eating & lifestyle decision they make throughout the day, I'd never get any work done ;-)

    Much more practical to be pre-scripted and automatic as much as possible.

  2. Ahh, I couldn't agree more! Where do the hours and days go? My "to do" list sounds very similar to your outlines... especially the tasks that get carried over from one day to the next.

    Btw, I read Seduction and am now reading Lessons in French. Great minds read alike? ;)


    Two things:

    1) My secret fantasy is to have a uniform to wear every day so I don't have to think about clothes at all. And by uniform I don't mean like a series of black shirt/jeans. I mean an actual uniform. I have a dress picked out that is flattering and cool (with pockets) that I would like to have made in a few different colors and I could just wear that. It's a loose dress, so I could also eat what I wanted all the time and never worry again about fitting into to my skinny jeans. This is a real true fact fantasy. I hope to be able to pull it off one day.

    2) I finally was able to make time to read Blood, Bones & Butter, the book you gave me. I LOVED IT. I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed a book more. (Other than Paris, My Sweet- of course!) THANK YOU.

  4. Why is it that we North Americans feel the need to be productive at all times?! I'm starting to second-guess my tendency to constantly go 3000 mph in favour of just enjoying life. It's never gonna happen, but a girl can dream, right?

    North Americans are nuts.

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  6. So glad I am not alone in my methodically-mad ways (North American nuts - I love it, Duchesse!)... or my reading tastes!

    Mel, so happy you loved Blood, Butter and Bones - I agree: such an amazingly satisfying book on every level. Ann, will let you know when I'm through with Lessons in French and Seduction!

    Melanie, here's to more brain space for all of us!

  7. Oh good I'm not alone! I simply cannot function with my post-its and to-do lists scattered around my desk! I haven't started making full blown outlines but I'm not far....

    And yes, the time to relax and allow ourselves to be a little less structured is with the things we love! Reading is certainly a good one =)