Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Buenos Aires kickoff

I’m still processing Buenos Aires. With the drumbeat of it being the “Paris of South America,” I will say I was expecting more Parisian flair. But after two days of walking the city, I think it reminds me more of Lisbon and Madrid: Chic but in a boho way.

Sure there is Haussmann-era architecture…

 …but the charm lies in the one- and two-story colonial architecture.

 And the trees. Oh the trees! They make me happy…

In any case, it’s fabulous to be somewhere new. Loaded with advice from Doerte, Candice, Amee, Sofia, Michael, Kasia, Alison, Alex and others, we have no shortage of things to do, places to go and, bien sur, restaurants to try. So that’s what we’ve been doing.

Each morning starts with a lovely spread at our Ultra Hotel.

Complete with cupcakes.

We went to the Scandinavian favorite, Olsen, for a chic brunch…

… and the fabulous Resto for a beautifully fresh meal.

 We’ve had Peruvian-Japanese at Osaka

… and his and hers salmon at Oveido.

(And yes the portions are as large and delicious as they look and, yes, wine is being consumed with every meal. Vacation!!)

There's been gelato and tea time…

Nightcaps, too.
And many lovely little moments...

  … I love having a new city unfold before me. Especially an artsy, inspiring, poetic, charming city like Buenos Aires.


  1. And a Milo look-alike! Enjoy!

  2. According to Argentinians you're supposed to find some people who spend all day BBQing vast quantities of marinated meats, who do this so often their forearms are pretty much stained black, and hang out with them for hours while other people go celebrate some sort of wedding across the pasture.

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  4. Your remarks about B.A. are very appropriate but knowing what this country/city has gone through I do understand the lack of Parisian flair. Anyway it is a very livable city. Curious about your next
    travel..something in mind?

  5. I agree about the "Frenchness" of the city, there are hints but it is really all on it's own as far as character .. which I think is 99% the amazing people who live here.
    We had to choose neighborhoods when we moved here, Recoleta reminded me more of France .. but where your hotel is located, is the true style of this place. So very charming, with the cobblestones and buildings, flowers hanging over the walls.
    I approve of your restaurant lists :)
    besitos, see you soon, C

  6. Can't wait to hear ALL about it next time I see you. This place his HIGH on my dream places to visit list!! xx

  7. Thanks for reminding me of my wonderful trip to Buenos Aires three years ago. I too enjoyed a day in Colonia (who ever thought I'd get to Uruguay of all places!?) and a coffee at La Biela. Also remember a delicious french meal at La Petanque in San Telmo. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

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