Tuesday, November 6, 2012

40 things I’m happy for

40. God. Damn. I have to say, I don’t know if it’s the distraction of Hurricane Sandy and returning to a cold and beaten up New York, having just spent over a week relaxing in the Caribbean, or just that it’s been a great year, but 40 isn’t bringing me down the way 30 did. Hallelujah!

I’m a big fan of birthdays. I love the attention (I do!), the celebrations, and the reflection. It’s great to have an excuse to hit pause and think about yourself—where you’ve been, where you are, and what you want next. It’s also a great reminder of all the wonderful people, thoughts and things that fill our lives. 

Here are 40 things, in random order, that I’m happy and grateful for.

• My health. That I can walk. That my body, nor my mind has given up on me.
I was born into such a loving, kickass family
I still send and receive hand-written letters
Walks along the Hudson. And the Seine.
I realized my dream of publishing a book this year
High metabolism
Soft cashmere
My list of must-read books just keeps growing
That it’s been over 12 years since I gave up red meat and I don’t miss it
I have the most amazingly thoughtful, generous, caring, fun, goofy, smart, supportive friends
That I get to see my parents often
Back rubs
Artists like Herbert Katzman, Didier Paquignon and Trey Bryan
Bands like Phoenix, The Drums, Aimee Mann, Cut Copy and (always) The Pretenders
Directors like Nicole Holefcener, Sofia Coppola and Terrence Malick
I fell in love for the first time in a very long time
A good Manhattan
A good sidecar
That I got to see my Aunt BJ
Great conversation
My niece and nephew are still full of unselfconscious affection
Steve Martin
I have wonderful “families” in three amazing cities: New York, San Francisco and Paris
That I ever started this blog
Coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon
That Obama will be reelected tonight
Magazine subscriptions
Looking at photographs and remembering
Splurging on something I love
Giving to others
Walking, exploring, noticing, discovering


  1. *That Obama will be reelected tonight*

    Amen, Sister!:)

    Love your 40 list. You've inspired me to make my own in a few weeks. Mind you, I don't take stock on birthdays, but on New Year's Eve (and it is only three days after my birthday). To me, that's a very meditative day and my favourite of the year. And then there's New Year's day, my other favourite:)

    This year, I will celebrate it in Paris and what could be a better place to turn 40?:) I bought your book this summer and haven't had time to read much of it because of grad school, but I'm saving it for that trip:) It'll be the perfect complement:)

    Well-done! And happy birthday once again:)

  2. You are the bomb.com. I love this list and I love your blog!

    Ok, excuse my randomness but I am Stephanie and I have been following this blog for almost three years now! I just finished your book, and I must say I love your voice and your constant humility.

    I am moving to Paris for the second time in March (my first was a semester abroad in undergrad) and your blog and book have been such a joy to read and bookmark for things I must try and places I must visit (on my last visit I bought Specleroo spread because of how much you raved about it on here, you are right sister it shits on Nutella).

    Anywho, this is my first time commenting so I feel like less of a lurker now lol. Hope you had an amazing birthday and have a wonderful night celebrating our Presidents re-election :)


  3. An excellent and inspiring list. It made me smile. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. A humble yet passionate list. Beautiful in the same way that you are.
    Happy 40!

  5. I love you, Stéphanie! Welcome to the non-lurking side! I hope to hear more from you. :)

    Connie, my dear friend, Duchesse, my kindred spirit, and Michael, a GILP newbie, no?? - thank you all for your kind wishes. Here's to Speculoos, Obama, humbleness and passion! xo

  6. Hi Amy,
    I have been reading your book at the moment - found it mentioned on Karen Wheeler's blog, and as I am absolutely crazy about Paris and France, had to have it.
    What can I say, if I could eat it I would :)
    love it, love it! - chocolate too :)

    It is absolutely wonderful and I hope it will soon be translated into Polish, for other people to read.

  7. A marvellous inspiring list Amy. Wishing you a belated joyeux anniversaire and much much happiness for the year to come. And some sweets, of course!

  8. Amy, I believe you had a very happy birthday! What else, no? To your list, I would also add the inspiration and sparkles that are carried out via your writing for/to women, who want to live their life outside the preconceived boundaries, their own way, how they want it! Happy birthday and amen to following your heart!

  9. a good sidecar. it occurs to me now that you meant a cocktail, possibly. i thought perhaps you ride in one.

  10. Happy 40th to you my dear! May it be a year to remember, always. And may you continue to add to this incredible gratitude list.

    I for one, am happy to be part of your NYC and Paris 'family'.


  11. 40 dittos on your wonderful list!!!!!
    Many happy returns and may they keep on going through the year Amy!

  12. Love your 40 list.. so glad to hear 40 doesn't bring you down like 30 did, gives me hope. :-)