Saturday, December 10, 2011



Magic, magic.

I am so glad I got to hug a few fine trees on this visit.

And then chow down on bread pudding for breakfast. (Pourquoi pas? I’ve been on the vacation diet.)

(Besides, I told Mer I’d have some for her.)

I had to squeeze in an Anchor Steam at Vesuvio after inhaling deeply inside City Lights.

And load up on international chocolate from Fog City News.

Alex and I shared the epiphany of pairing triple-cream Brillat-Savarin cheese and 62% Scharffen Berger chocolate (holy miam)…

… along with port and sherry and gewuztraminer. (Although I think it was only intended to go with the sherry. In a more dignified way.)

My week is winding down. I’ve met three new amazing babies in the world and seen two impressive home renovations. I ferried north to Marin and trained south to Menlo Park. I saw my beloved green parrots, heard eucalyptus trees creaking in the wind, and rode one of the screeching street cars down Market Street. I got to watch Zack’s amazing movie and ride around the city with him like we did in the good old days. I’ve overspent and overeaten, and I couldn’t care less. I’ve had heart-to-hearts, laughed my head off, reminisced and caught up with my friends, whom I’m so happy and thankful to still have in my life. I’ve had so many fun and funny flashbacks and memories and have decided to come back in March to promote the book. I am fulfilled, restored, happy, happy.


  1. Gorgeous! Bread pudding is an excellent breakfast, no matter what diet you're on. :) Also, love Cook's Illustrated. What chocolates did you get?

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  3. I sent this to my friends in SF.
    They nodded their heads in approval :)
    Funny, I often have bread pudding for Breakfast and never told anyone. Now you have set me free :D
    besitos ~

  4. Good, good stuff. :) That bread pudding looks AMAZING. And what a cool movie! I watched the preview. I love Damian Lewis, so I was really happy to see he is in it. He's really good in "Homeland" and I have some DVDs of "Life" here to watch, too. I hope "Will" comes to Paris!

    Oh and this made me laugh: "triple-cream Brillat-Savarin cheese and 62% Scharffen Berger chocolate (holy miam)". I thinking about going on about how that sounds like "stoner food" -- lol -- but really, it sounds pretty foodgasmic!

    I'm glad you have had a good break on the West Coast, Amy. The calm before the storm, I think. :)


  5. Hey! I've climbed up that Hotel Huntington sign. Quite a view, but a little breezy at night.