Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Talk about feeling like a rock star.

There I was this morning, walking across the Embarcadero on my way to the Ferry Building when I heard someone call my name.

I turned around, did a quick pass at the handful of people around, but didn’t recognize anyone. So I went on my merry way, to start ogling the cakes, breads, cheeses and chocolates at the glorious markets before hopping on the ferry to Marin.

But then I heard it again. “Amy??”

It was a fan. Of this here blog. I was floored. This lovely girl, Christine, recognized me from this blog! Hi, Christine! Thanks for making my day!

And then the day only got better. I bumped into another friend inside the ferry building, while I was drooling over the cupcakes, chocolates and macarons at Miette.

I did succumb to the gingerbread cupcake, before venturing over to Acme to pick up a doughy, sticky brioche from the genius breadmakers…

Then I watched them set up the cheese wheels at Cowgirl Creamery…

…and checked on the Dungeness crabs. After all, as Andi said, it’s crab season.

Then it was off to Marin to visit my girl, Alex.

Imagine if this was your commute every day.

How did I forget how flippin’ pretty San Francisco is??

It was a beautiful 35-minute ride through the bay.

And, as expected, Alex’s home is to-die-for: chic and modern and sweet and homey all at once. A girl after my own heart, this sweet spread...

...plus the eggnog-French press coffee she served up from her sunny Marin kitchen, was our breakfast.

And, this…

… our most adorable sidekick.

My company yesterday wasn’t so bad either.

Remember Connie and Nina? We walked all over Paris about a year and a half ago. But when I come to San Francisco, we almost always walk along the water. Yesterday’s glorious weather made it a no-brainer.

It was a bit too brisk for bathing suits, in my opinion, but a killer day nonetheless.

I’ve also been eating my face off at all the amazing restaurants, taking nice walks, doing a little shopping and yoga, and, well, just feeling happy. I think I’ve been so focused on Paris and New York for so long that I forgot about all the beauty and uniqueness of San Francisco. It’s definitely been one long walk down memory lane, filled with love and emotion for all of my friends here. And I’m loving every second of it.


  1. So jealous! I'm a Berkeley girl who loves her whole wheat sour dough from Acme! Have a lovely time!

  2. Beautiful post Amy, it oozes happiness. You're a star:)

  3. What beautiful pictures! but, you buried the lead, as we say: the adorable baby girl just melted my heart!!

  4. Your photos were so delicious, I think I just gained a few pounds.

  5. Hi Amy! I'm glad that I didn't scare you as much as I thought I did -- As a San Franciscan who once lived in Paris, a supplicant at the altar of dessert and an absolute fangirl of this blog -- I had so many things to ask you but it seemed so crass to demand answers after screaming your name across the street like a boor. I'll be the first in line to buy the book and am so looking forward to reading every word.

    What a small world we live in after all...

    - Kristine

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