Thursday, October 27, 2011

With fond memories...

It was only six weeks ago that I was in Paris. Indulging and smiling like crazy.

(Wouldn't you, with a half dozen Pierre Hermé boutiques to choose from?)

More from New York, a bientot!


  1. I am seeing Macarons everywhere I go here in BA ..

  2. That looks so good. Only 3 weeks until I'm back in Paris, and the first thing I plan to do is stock up on some macarons.

  3. It's been a good many months since I have been on a macaron binge (well, except for those ones this summer from Carrefour Market frozen foods section, but I don't think those count, lol). I still remember very fondly the Macaron Taste Off at your place. :) This gives me a bit of a hankering, and I think I need to find a good excuse to head over to either PH or Ladurée. Speaking of: there was a fire at the Champs-Elysées branch this past week! I think everything is okay -- it was accidental. I can't remember where it started (one of the kitchens, I think?), and I'm pretty sure it is open again. But the workers and guests were evacuated. I don't think there were many macaron casualties. ;-)

    Anyway, when I eventually get some (I think I'll have to figure it out for this week), I'll think of you when I eat some. :)